In Praise of Now [Free Verse]

Fast-forward to the end!
 Turn to the last page.

People want to know
 how it all turns out?

What lies in the 
 great beyond,
and what makes
 it so great?

What will rise to the top 
 of one's soup of possibilities?

But some little animal,
 crying in the darkness,
  doesn't want to be jetted
   to the end --
just so that it can know 
 that it all turns out okay.

It wants to slip into the now
 and wear it like a snuggy.

Patience: Casualty of Modernity [Limerick]

There was an old man, some called "ancient,"
who got riled everyone was so impatient.
"The world was much better
when we talked by letter,
and you only got instant replies if adjacent."