Two Takes on a Bullish Limerick

On Wall Street, there was a commodities bull.
The man knew finance, but could be rather dull.
He made the bacon,
until he was shaken 
to find foreign pork belly dumped by the shipful.
There was an oblivious bull of Wall Street
whose life was portfolios and spreadsheets.
His approach, academic,
missing news of pandemic,
he bet cruise ship line stock would increase.

DAILY PHOTO: Bull Oversees the Line at Soylent Green Production Facility

Taken on July 24, 2021 in Sigandur, KA, India

DAILY PHOTO: McLeodganj Bull in Traffic

Taken June 22, 2015 in McLeodganj

Taken June 22, 2015 in McLeodganj


The moment you realize the car seeking to merge is not a car, has horns, and is not afraid to use them.


The moment before you realize that he’s not the kind of bovine who deviates.