“Anguish” [Haiku]

“Anguish” by August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck (1878)
mother bleats a cloud,
standing over its dead lamb --
ringed by a murder 

DAILY PHOTO: What Do You Get When You Cross a Yak & a Cow?: A Dzo

Taken in May of 2022 on the Goechala Trail in Sikkim

DAILY PHOTO: Bucolic Kyrgyzstan

Taken in August of 2019 in Karakol Nature Park

Ram Dominion [Common Meter]

I met a ram in Madurai,
'twas tethered to a pole.
Though really it almost met me,
taking its cyclic stroll.

The ram's target was my keister,
but its rope was too short.
Saved by the narrowest margin;
my path I did abort.

The moral of this tale is clear.
If you're in Madurai,
give tethered rams the widest berth,
or kiss your ass goodbye.