Gone to Seed [Free Verse]

abandoned farmstead --
a blip in the flat-wide spaces
of the industrial-agro-manufactured prairie

the barn, dilapidated
the vehicles & implements, rusted

weeds growing from every crack

tall, blonde grass -
waving like ripe wheat -
stands in both front & back yards

something has died on the prairie
something is returning to dust & weed
something is lost

Tractor [Free Verse]

the tractor idles in the end-row,
chugging and sputtering,
with a rattling exhaust flap

soon the tractor lurches
into straight-line locomotion,
chugging down the row,
carving out furrows,
peeling soft, black soil aside

the cut worm does not forgive,
but neither does it know
what hit it --
some thunderous storm,
monotonously rolling nearer -
becoming more all-pervading -
until it starts to fade,
but by then
 the worm is halved

everything becomes something else:
worm aerates soil
then becomes food for the 
tugging bird

DAILY PHOTO: A Rocky Top View of Farmland

Taken in the Summer of 2019 in Kyrgyzstan