DAILY PHOTO: Nepali Doorway

Taken in May of 2018 in Kathmandu

FUN w/ FLAGS FACT: Nepal’s is the only non-quadrilateral national flag. A fact that is much less fun for the Foreign Ministry / State Department minions who have to find a way to fly it.

DAILY PHOTO: Kathmandu Toothache Tree

Taken in May of 2018 in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu, if you’re having tooth pain, you can nail a coin to the root knot of a special tree to request the analgesic intercession of the gods.

Elsewhere, I’d recommend a dentist.

POEM: Joker, or: Disruptive Forces

Among the brick rubble, down a side street from the temples encased in spiky, cuboid scaffolds, next to a bulging wall bolstered by beams knocked in at a slant, someone painted this graffiti of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

I stare at the maniacal face and can’t help but wonder whether someone painted it in the seven years between Ledger’s portrayal and the 2015 earthquake that broke Bhaktapur, or whether it’s a commentary on disruptive forces.