Gray Day Haiku

palm trees waving
under gray, stormy skies
delusion rocked


foggy city
bridge top corner juts
from river’s cloud


monochrome town
fog drained your varied hues,
what feats light works


cloudy mountain
layers of gray stay silent
keeping secrets


vodka, no ice
peering out a window
into nothing

POEM: Overcast Day

Clouds tugged themselves over the city like a thick quilt
adding to the gritty gray inner-city nightmare.
I rode through this monochrome madness
without seeing a person on the sidewalks.
I felt their eyes peer down through ash-covered windows,
like a hand running over the tips of tiny hairs on my back
A high-pitched tone sounded in my ears
filling the void of chirpless birds and dumbstruck relicts

It can’t be long now.