DAILY PHOTO: Scenes from Ek’ Balam

Mayan Ball Court

A Mayan “Arch”

Belize City Limerick

There was a chef from Belize City
who tried way too hard to be witty.
He liked to serve pork,
but when it was on fork,
tell his guests it was rat, just not itty-bitty.

NOTE: Gibnut [a.k.a. Paca] is a huge rodent eaten in Belize. It’s been called the “royal rat” because it was once served to Queen Elizabeth II.

DAILY PHOTO: White Sand Beach, Isla Mujeres

Taken in 2009 at Playa El Cocal on Isla Mujeres

DAILY PHOTO: Macal River, Belize

Taken near San Ignacio, Belize around 2010 [From Hawkesworth Bridge]