POEM: Winter

cabin fever,

pent-up through a maddening winter

crated winter vegetables
in pantry and cellar,
staples in barrels

amber light filters through the trees
three hours either side of mid-day

a deer, nose down,
roots for nourishment
in the leaf litter between snow pack

the line between blissful solitude
and mania is thin and ghostly

POEM: Mentally Rodential

my mind jumps about
it scurries
it scampers
it lurches
it cowers

like a foraging rodent,
one at risk of starving
because it keeps dropping its acorn
at the sight of one that seems
more bulbous
more coppery
more glossy

Buddhists talk of hungry ghosts,
creatures with insatiable appetites
but mouths no good for eating

i crave knowledge and understanding,
but have a mind undisciplined
for chewing and digesting
that hardy substance

POEM: Sunrise Beach

people stagger down to sunrise beach,
like a zombie horde,
bed creases still fading

Sunworshipers —
in the literal sense —
not the kind seeking some shade of bronze

and what better to honor?
should the sun fail to shine
we’re eight minutes from our midnight
should it disappear altogether
we would hurl away,
an ice block
to be slung about by gravitational fields
or to simply careen into some other
unsuspecting block of ice or iron

except for vents from our molten core
all energy begins in that solar furnace
all green leaves
all creatures who eat the green leaves
all the creatures who eat the creatures who eat the green leaves
all fired by that grand fusion

POEM: Relativity [a sonnet]

in the space of a blossom’s drift to earth
i feel the gravity give way below
i’ve all the time for terror, shock, and mirth
as tics and tocks go viscous in their flow

each emotion will be given its due
stretched out as if by hands that squeeze and pull
and i can feel, better than see the view
as the planet hangs in a peculiar lull

by the time i start to see the humor
i’m bouncing off the pavement on my back
has my mind been rewired by a tumor?
or has my train of mind slipped its track?

then a blaring horn fills the silent void
and return the kindly and the annoyed

POEM: Mythic Moonlight

faces glow in mythic moonlight
a world away from here
you may ask what makes it mythic?
the stories that one hears

a young son regales his mother,
who hangs on every word,
with a tale of lunchtime mayhem
and food covertly hurled

two lovers chat about a dream
that one of them just had
about a few stolen moments,
in an alien crash pad

and an old man tells a young one,
he’s not afraid to die
how he left his fear in a field
with a piece of his thigh

so many people share one moon
focal point of their stares
souls unload a bit of burden
from the heft of their cares