Anti-Social Media [Limerick]

Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” (1781)
There once was an evil internet troll
who spouted like the proverbial blowhole.
He snarked to the void
like a flaming hemorrhoid,
but remained an anonymous A-hole.

The Internet [Verse in Tetrameter]

We've reached the place where screams aren't heard.
You'd think they'd build into a din,
but one can't grasp a single word.
It has become silent as sin.

The angry words are shot to black -
that inky void that's unpatrolled,
It's silent, yet all're struck by flak.
Still, no one admits being sold.

But each life 's a product consumed.
They wail away the night and day,
pretending they're not rightly doomed.
Some will say that it's here to stay...

True, but are we?

Facebook Poems


How thrilling to learn
without delay
that now was to be
your laundry day.

Oh, how I waited
with bated breath
to hear if you’d hit
wash-day sudden death

Your posts banal?
Who would think?
You took us to
the wash-day brink…

never knowing if there’d be a Boxer Rebellion or a Brazilian Thong Crisis!


“It’s Complicated”
are two words
often posted
but never heard
amid the complication.

1 + 1, easy as pie.
Calculus is “complicated.”
Are you in wedlock?
Or have you dated?
Is she human…oid?

It begs the question,
can a complication read
the words typed on
your daily feed,
and solve for x?