The Emotional Beast [Free Verse]

We laud our rational side

- The Thinking Man -

But we're emotional beasts
to the core.

To use that old
[and disparately applied]

Of emotions, 
better master
than servant.

Poetry is a conduit
to emotional savvy.

That's part of the reason
Plato urged poetic restraint;

he found the emotional
inferior to the rational,
and thought most youngsters 
couldn't behave responsibly
in the face of poetry's 
emotional power.

It's also where Aristotle
found virtue in poetry,
its ability to induce 

Could they both 
be right?

POEM: Grace & Beauty at a Distance

As I wade through tall grass,
it seems to be a hodge-podge of random heights,
randomly spaced,
and drooping in random directions,

but when I look out at a distance,
that tall grass smooths the world
into soft rounded shapes.

I guess a lot of things are like that.
Imperfections and differences seen near at hand
vanish into grace and beauty at a distance.