POEM: Moonlight Mystery [PoMo Day 13 – Ghazal]

I saw a silhouette in the moonlight,
a man who plodded snow that glowed moonlight.

I was mesmerized by the vagabond --
a night-owl nomad moving by moonlight.

What'd take me out into that night's cruel cold,
seeing only what shone in the moonlight?

A deadly urgent case must be afoot,
a riddle solved solely in harsh moonlight.

But maybe there's no beauty like the moon,
and maybe no light flatters like moonlight.

If so, the cold must be some puny stakes
against the milky glow of brisk moonlight.

And so I pull on boots and tug a hat
to venture out amongst the pale moonlight. 

And seeing night as did that wanderer,
I know the virtue life finds in moonlight.

Cold Moon Haiku

cold white circle
deformed in its reflection
upon black waters


howling lunatics
don’t make me fearful,
quiet ones do


glowing clouds
streaked thinly through the sky
moon’s canvas


silent evil
slid through night, watched over
by a cold moon


the moon is out
my bones have gone cold
i blame it not

POEM: Mythic Moonlight

faces glow in mythic moonlight
a world away from here
you may ask what makes it mythic?
the stories that one hears

a young son regales his mother,
who hangs on every word,
with a tale of lunchtime mayhem
and food covertly hurled

two lovers chat about a dream
that one of them just had
about a few stolen moments,
in an alien crash pad

and an old man tells a young one,
he’s not afraid to die
how he left his fear in a field
with a piece of his thigh

so many people share one moon
focal point of their stares
souls unload a bit of burden
from the heft of their cares

DAILY PHOTO: Moon Over Incheon Airport, Seoul

Moon over Incheon

Moon over Incheon

Sitting in the terminal at twilight, waiting to catch a flight to Phnom Penh, I watched the moon rise.