POEM: Mythic Moonlight

faces glow in mythic moonlight
a world away from here
you may ask what makes it mythic?
the stories that one hears

a young son regales his mother,
who hangs on every word,
with a tale of lunchtime mayhem
and food covertly hurled

two lovers chat about a dream
that one of them just had
about a few stolen moments,
in an alien crash pad

and an old man tells a young one,
he’s not afraid to die
how he left his fear in a field
with a piece of his thigh

so many people share one moon
focal point of their stares
souls unload a bit of burden
from the heft of their cares

DAILY PHOTO: Moon Over Incheon Airport, Seoul

Moon over Incheon

Moon over Incheon

Sitting in the terminal at twilight, waiting to catch a flight to Phnom Penh, I watched the moon rise.