DAILY PHOTO: Religious Buildings in Beijing

St. Joseph’s Church on Wanfujing Street (a.k.a. Wanfujing Church / Dongtang); Roman Catholic

Lama Temple (a.k.a. Yonghe Temple); Tibetan Buddhist (i.e. Vajrayana Buddhist)

Beijing Temple of Confucius; Confucian

BOOK REVIEW: The Pocket Chögyam Trungpa by Chögyam Trungpa

The Pocket Chogyam TrungpaThe Pocket Chogyam Trungpa by Chögyam Trungpa
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This pocket-sized guide consists of 108 excerpts drawn from the writings of Chögyam Trungpa, a prolific — if controversial — teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. Chögyam Trungpa may have been most famous in the West for coining the English term “Crazy Wisdom,” and for founding Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. [Note: while he coined the term “Crazy Wisdom,” he didn’t originate the concept, which existed already – arguably in multiple forms — in Vajrayana Buddhism from olden times.] Beyond basic Buddhist philosophy, he wrote extensively on Buddhist Psychology, Tantric Buddhism, and the Buddhist conception of warriorship.

The book is designed to be picked up at any point. There isn’t a formal grouping of concepts, but rather the book meanders around, revisiting ideas such as Enlightenment, Emptiness, emotional intelligence in multiple locations throughout the book. The entries are between a paragraph and a page long in most cases.

I found a great deal of food-for-thought in this book and would highly recommend it for those wishing to dip a toe into the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa.

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DAILY PHOTO: Yiga Choeling Old Monastery, Ghoom

Taken in December of 2021 near Darjeeling

DAILY PHOTO: Dubdi Monastery, The First Gompa of Sikkim

Taken in Yuksom in May of 2022

Madman of the Empty Valley [Free Verse]

Thang Tong Gyalpo,

They called him:
Maker of Iron Bridges, 
King of the Empty Plain,
"Excellent Persistence,"
Madman of the Empty Valley

You might not like your bridge-maker
sharing mind & body 
with a madman,
but some of his 15th century bridges
are still in use today.

DAILY PHOTO: Tsoka Gompa from Above

Taken in May of 2022 on the trail to Goechala

DAILY PHOTO: Druk Thupten Sangag Choeling Monastery

Taken on December 30, 2021 in Darjeeling