In the Temple [Free Verse]

i enter an empty temple. 

it’s not silent.

footfalls resonate
floorboards creak.

but flickering flames
sleepy-eyed Buddhas
are quiet enough

in an hour,
the monks will filter in
with great punctuality:
monks, young and old.
(i would say, “and ages in-between,”
but they all seem young or old.)

there will be chanting,
and the din of finger cymbals
and deep-toned drums.

and i will leave
for the solace
of the world
outside the temple.

DAILY PHOTO: Yiga Choeling Old Monastery, Ghoom

Taken in December of 2021 near Darjeeling

DAILY PHOTO: Dubdi Monastery, The First Gompa of Sikkim

Taken in Yuksom in May of 2022

DAILY PHOTO: Tsoka Gompa from Above

Taken in May of 2022 on the trail to Goechala