Leaf Enlightened [Common Meter]

I stared, and stared, into a leaf
  until my vision changed.
 And I could see the whole, wide world
   so artfully arranged.

The leaf, it mapped my universe
   from atom to the sprawl.
 Compressed, layer-on-layer, there
    was one and, at once, all. 

But before I could grasp all that
   this vision truly meant,
  a gust of wind did catch that leaf,
     and fluttering it went.

POEM: Little-e Epiphany

The little “e” epiphany
strikes me in
the middle of the night.

Enveloped in darkness, I lie,
the bold stories the world has told.

I think upon slapped cheeks
grand strategy
the universe outside my door.

I wonder whether one can
be change
change one’s being,
whether there’s a choice to be made.

I feel at peace —
though not enough
to drift back to sleep.