DAILY PHOTO: Saint Stephen’s Basilica Under Blue Skies

Taken in the Summer of 2011 in Budapest

BOOK REVIEW: Fresh Out of the Sky by George Szirtes

Fresh Out of the SkyFresh Out of the Sky by George Szirtes
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This is a collection of nested poems and other short creative writings of varied formats. There are four sections in the book, each with parts and sub-parts. The titular work, “Fresh Out of the Sky,” consists of five parts, each having five parts in turn. It explores memories of an immigrant childhood and being “Citizens of nowhere.” [Szirtes was Hungarian born but his family moved to England in 1956, the year of the uprising that was brutally suppressed by the Soviets.]

The second section, “Inside the Yellow Room,” has an eerie surrealism to it that I found unexpectedly intense. The penultimate, “Going Viral,” touches on the present-day pandemic world while continuing to revisit memories in a hazy, ethereal sort of way. The last section, “Five Interludes” has the tightest interconnectedness of themes, touching upon breath, dreams, and the animal-human world at turns.

I enjoyed this collection, finding it evocative, phantasmagoric, and nostalgic.

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DAILY PHOTO: Monochrome Budapest

Vajdahunyad Castle; Taken December of 2014
Széchenyi Lánchíd [Chain Bridge]