Copperhead [Common Meter]

I walked along a well-worn trail
with no intent but rest.
I wished to be soothed by the trees,
but found myself distressed.

For in my path rested a snake,
known as the copperhead --
 a breed that has inspired wonder
and no uncertain dread. 

I gave the snake full attention,
and then gave it wide berth,
but it must have been far too wide
for I walked right off the earth.

Half-Hearted Apology to a Reptile [Common Meter]

Apologies Mister Lizard,
didn't mean to step on you.
But you kind of blend with the rock.
It's not like in the zoo;
where there's a sign and pointing kids
and barriers, to boot.
When one looks just like one's backdrop,
it behooves one to scoot.

Sorry again about your tail.
I'm sure it will grow back.
Call it a teachable moment,
get an orange knapsack!


Chennagiri Hill; July 4, 2020

Ramanagara Hill; July 3, 2020

Ramanagara Hill