Elephantine March [Free Verse]

The herd is on the march.

They lumber with slow

The young achieve   
       playful swagger,
        but aren't allowed
         too wide of the line. 

I wonder whether they're
       going someplace good?

DAILY PHOTO: Mahanavami Platform, Hampi

Taken in November of 2013 at Hampi

DAILY PHOTO: Elephants & Cattle Egrets

Taken in May of 2017 in Amboseli National Park, Kenya

POEM: Marsh Elephants

fragile herd,
living in the space between
Kilimanjaro’s broad shoulders
[too broad to see without a panning view]
on an oasis of glacial melt
runoff that grows a plume of vivid green
amid the red-brown savannah lands

where dust devils daily form

below the equatorial belt

and when the runoff runs out

there’ll be no time to run

POEM: Amboseli

belly-deep in glacial runoff

amid an emerald sea

a mud-caked troupe of elephants

the marsh free of acacia trees

Kilimanjaro looms in the distance

the source of all subsistence

if it should go

they’ll never know

it’s a death they can’t outdistance

DAILY PHOTO: Elephantine Threats: or, Warning Displays

Circling the wagons around the youngin’s

Ears out at dusk

Shaking head with ears out

Ears out and head aligned; Taken in April of 2017 in Botswana

DAILY PHOTO: Baby Elephants






Taken on June 26, 2017 at Amboseli National Park in Kenya

DAILY PHOTO: Baby Elephants of Lilayi Elephant Nursery

Taken in May of 2016 at Lilayi Elephant Nursery near Lusaka, Zambia

Taken in May of 2016 at Lilayi Elephant Nursery near Lusaka, Zambia

IMG_3444 IMG_3454