Imperfect World [Free Verse]

Our plight is craving perfection
     in an imperfect world:
           imperfectly perceived,
           imperfectly performed,
           imperfectly programmed.

To have a mind that can imagine perfection,
     but never attain it
           creates a special hell vehicle.

Future Imperfect [Free Verse]

skyscrapers rise & fall
storms hit & wither
waves crash & recede

nature neither blesses nor curses,
despite the constant counting 
of its boons & banes; 
its bonanzas & broken bones

one who can feel grateful 
in the face 
of ignorance & imperfection
is free 

one who feels suffering 
in the absence of perfect comfort
will never know freedom 

such a one as that 
imprisons himself
in a cycle of imagining 
& coveting 
a perfection that has 
never existed