POEM: One Flower, the Sunflower

If you can keep a heavy head high,
and facing that bright sun —
you’ll be able to lose, but still
feel, in a way, you’ve won.
Sunny, still, when the clouds crawl in;
gay though the day is done —
And in the dark hours you’ll have the
time to become unspun.

In a field of festive flowers
there’s one that’s lost its line.
Its face droops down, shyly twisted —
its sun refused to shine.
But its sun is surely the same
sun as is yours or mine,
though its coy stance speaks its own truth,
and follows its own sign.

Sunflower Haiku

a thousand suns
shine upon my face,
one on my back


golden field
exalts the summer
while it lasts


lone flower
with stem to sun’s rays,
miffed or broken?


flower heads
twisting in unison
rapt attention


speeding by
the sunflowers blur
yet still flame

DAILY PHOTO: Sunflower in the Andes: Confused or Distracted?

Taken in Cuzco in July of 2011

Taken near Cuzco, Peru in July of 2011


Sunflowers are supposed to turn to look at the sun, but this one was looking over it’s shoulder. I wonder if it was confused or distracted?