DAILY PHOTO: Living in the Past

Take in the summer of 2011 in Hungary.

Take in the summer of 2011 in Hungary.


These were taken at a homestead restoration in Western Hungary in the area called the Őrség. This is how one might have lived in the late 18th century.

DAILY PHOTO: Trabant 601-E with Optional Roof Keg

Taken in the Summer of 2011

Taken in the Summer of 2011.

It’s a monumental challenge for a police officer to spot an open container unless the offender happens to be driving the wrong way down the sidewalk backwards while asleep, or one’s car is wrapped around a telephone pole upside-down. However, if you get the Keg-o-matic 2000 dispensing system installed on your car, are you really guilty of having an open container? The hose that attaches the device to one’s lips is the only part actually inside the car.

NOTE: This blog neither condones nor celebrates driving while intoxicated. I just thought this car, which I saw in rural Hungary near the border with Slovakia, was amusing.

DAILY PHOTO: Chapel in Velemér, Hungary

Árpád era chapel

Árpád era chapel

This chapel sits on a solitary plot at the edge of a woods near Velemér. Velemér is a tiny village in the Őrség, which is a region on Hungary’s western border. The church dates back to 1360. The inside is covered with murals that have been restored after having been plastered over due to religious restrictions in the 18th century. The church had to be extensively repaired in the 19th century as a result of deterioration from the late 18th to early 19th century, but is now well-maintained.