A girl pressed her palms against her eye sockets.

Was she trying to keep her eyeballs from popping out?

Or was she trying to make sure something didn’t get into her eye?

If it was the latter, I don’t think it was matter she sought to keep out–

not grit, acid, iron filings, or any of the other nasties that get in an eye.

No. She was making a light-tight seal.

So, she was really trying to keep something out of her brain.

Light is just light.

It takes a brain to dance photons into a horror story.

DAILY PHOTO: Nepali Eyes

Bhaktapur, Nepal; Seen on a cable spool


Taken in April of 2018 in Bhaktapur, Nepal; Bas-relief on door frame


Kathmandu; On a pillar at the base of the stairs to the monkey temple (Swayambhunath)


Kathmandu; Minor stupa


Kathmandu; Near Kathesimbu Stupa, I believe


Kathmandu; On the [in]famous Freak Street