The Naked Dream [Free Verse]

There is a dream
in which one is naked.

But no one is looking at you,...

And that is so much worse;
the anticipation of being gawked at 
is more disconcerting 
than being gawked at.

And, yet, one can't bring oneself 
to shout,
attracting onlookers, 
so as to end the misery of anticipation.

One can only sit with one's naked
expectations --
wading in anxiety.

POEM: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Source: Ivo Kruusamägi via Wikipedia

It wasn’t the Emperor’s nudity
that so offended me.
It wasn’t what I saw, but rather
that which I could not see —
a skeptic’s sense of what was not,
what was, and what might be.

Anyone who knew their ignorance
could never be so fooled.
He’d say, “I know that I know not;
of that I needn’t be schooled,
but that man is plainly marching
so completely butt-a$$ nude.

It’s they who say, “I must look good.”
who become ego-ruled.
And can’t see the Emperor is
so very, clearly nude.

DAILY PHOTO: Nude Sculpture [Nude Bowling Trophy Topper?]

Taken in December of 2014 in Vác

Taken in December of 2014 in Vác, Hungary

I took this photo near the Danube in Vác. I’m not sure what the thing that looks like bowling pin is supposed to be (hence the Nude Bowling Trophy Topper comment.) Maybe it’s supposed to be a vase. At any rate, it’s a nifty work of art.

DAILY PHOTOS: A Sculpture of Three Nudes in Tokyo

Three nude women sitting around chatting, as happens all the time... in the dreams of men.

Three women standing around chatting in the nude, as happens all the time… in the minds of men. Taken in Tokyo in the Summer of 2008.