POEM: Kashmir

Green, the mountain meadow
White, the wall of fog

Lakes of trapped glacial runoff —
aqua gemstones in dim light

Lines of sheep crisscross
the part lines of trail
that segment the pasture
in Cubist form

Curfew is on again,
“How do you survive with the roads closed?”
“We remember from years ago. There are ways.”

Such a beautiful place
trapped in a cycle of human ugliness

Barren gray mountains —
more than verdant pastures —
echo the Kashmiri struggle

DAILY PHOTO: Mountains with a Splash of Yellow

Taken in Kashmir in August of 2016 on the Great Lakes Trek between Naranag and Sonamarg

DAILY PHOTO: Terraced Gardens of Srinagar

Nishat Garden; Taken in August of 2016 in Srinagar

Nishat Garden

Chashme Shahi Garden (a.k.a. Mughal Garden)

DAILY PHOTO: Mountain & Lake in Kashmir

Taken in August of 2016 on the trail from Naranag to Sonamarg

DAILY PHOTO: Livestock on a Kashmiri Trail

Taken in August of 2016 on the trail between Sonamarg and Naranag