Limerick of the German Baker

There was a royal baker in Germany
 whose bread the king despised fervently.
The king issued a decree:
 Death, or bread passing light times three!
The baker twisted dough so three holes showed,
                  and bestowed it earnestly.

DAILY PHOTO: A Looming Cathedral, Frankfurt

DAILY PHOTO: Paulsplatz, Frankfurt

Taken in November of 2022 in Frankfurt’s Old Town next to St. Paul’s Church [Paulskirche]

DAILY PHOTO: Saalhof mit Rententurm, Frankfurt

Taken in November of 2022 in Frankfurt. Some of this building was once part of a palace complex and was later a customs office but is now the Frankfurt History Museum. Part of it is the oldest surviving structure in Frankfurt Old Town. (Much of the Old Town was decimated by bombing during the Second World War.)