POEM: Infinite Ships

The voyage, now, is at an end.
The anchors have been cast.
The fleet bobs silently offshore,
looking boundlessly vast.

For fog has settled on the bay
and ship shapes fade to gray.
They count themselves infinite ships
while bounded by that bay.

The sea deceives, that much is true;
the rest we’ve yet to know.
Some will swear that trawlers sit there
that were lost long ago.

POEM: Sunset on the Sea

Will those trawlers haul their nets through the night,
even after darkness has descended?
When clustered stars offer the only light,
and the land-locked day has long since ended?

Are fishing vessels like the dreaded shark,
that swims endlessly when wetted by sea?
No mourning nor merriment owed the dark,
and miles between the hull and the quay.

They persistently glide on ocean tides,
measuring time by space left in the hold.
There’s a secret some sailors will confide,
each outing ends in a death unforetold.

There is the pleasant death of days at rest,
but then there’s becoming Poseidon’s guest.

DAILY PHOTO: Kochi, the Fishing Village

Taken July 7, 2014 in Kochi.

Taken July 7, 2014 in Kochi (Cochin.)

In the background are a couple of Kochi’s famous Chinese fishing nets. These particular nets are primarily a tourist attraction. They pull up tiny (shrimp-sized) fish and other aquatic life. They’re more about getting tips than selling fish. In the foreground are a couple of fishing boats with the nets visible within.

DAILY PHOTO: Sunset Trawler

Taken in December of 2013 in southern Phuket.

Taken in December of 2013 in southern Phuket.

When I lived in the US, and I’d buy a pack of frozen shrimp, more often than not it came from Thailand. That astounded me as Thailand is about as far as one can go to get shrimp. Even with freezing, there is a time factor involved. There are both US and US adjacent/proximal producers of shrimp, but Thailand is still a low-cost producer for US markets even with transportation costs figured in.

It’s interesting to be in a place were prices for a shrimp dish are the same as for pork or beef, and sometimes even the same as for chicken.

From Phuket you can see the fleets of fishing trawlers working it all day long.