Rote Learning [Common Meter]

Words memorized rote are a meal
wholly undigested,
That's why memorization is
utterly detested.

Rote learning is, somehow, bloating
and yet never filling.
One takes it all in by way of 
monotonous drilling,
but while you're still filling your cup
you're already spilling.
You pass your test and purge it all.
It's so unfulfilling. 

If I may, please let me suggest
that here's what you should do:
get the gist, play with it, and find
out what it means to you.

DAILY PHOTO: Girl in Green

Taken in November o 2014 at Daulatabad Fort.

Taken in November o 2014 at Daulatabad Fort.

This girl was part of a school group visiting Daulatabad Fort while I was there. The teacher asked me to explain something about the differences between the U.S. and India in terms of geography and economics.

The photo below is the same group resting in the citadel, the highest point of the fortress.