DAILY PHOTO: Metropolitan Cathedral

Taken in December of 2017 in Manila

DAILY PHOTO: Intramuros

Taken inside Fort Santiago facing the Plaza de Armas in December of 2017


Baluarte de San Francisco de Dilao


In Fort Santiago

The Intramuros is the old fortified part of Manila constructed by the Spaniards during their reign. Back in the day, it was Manila proper, though there were “extramuros” (outside the walls) neighborhoods, such as the Chinatown set up across the Pasig for Chinese Catholics so that they could both have a place to live at a safe distance while being watched for the inscrutableness that was assumed to lurk in the hearts of foreigners.

DAILY PHOTO: Lapu-Lapu Monument of Rizal Park

Formally known as the Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom; Taken in December of 2017 in Rizal Park of Manila

Lapu-Lapu was the chieftain who led the warriors  that defeated the forces of Ferdinand Magellan, thus delaying Spanish colonization of the Philippines.