POEM: Kim Yo-Jong [PoMo Day 11 – Clerihew]

Attribution: Kim Jinseok, Blue House
Dear Sister, Kim Yo-Jong,
won't have to wait long.
She'll take power easy as you please,
if her brother keeps eating wheels of cheese.

Clerihew of American Literary Greats

Edgar Allan Poe
always lacked for dough.
Still, he always strived
to not be buried alive.

Emily Dickinson
lived a bit like a nun,
but her verse was insightful —
even sans an earthly eyeful.

Samuel Clemens, or Mark Twain,
wrote personas known to speak plain.
His nom de plume
means “fathoms, two!”

The poet Walt Whitman
had a startled milkman.
Never one to be subdued,
if you just dropped by, he might be nude

POEM: A Few Clerihew [Day 7 NaPoMo: Clerihew]

Edmund Clerihew Bentley
delivered his sarcasm gently
with just four lines
using the simplest of rhymes

It’s said that Adolf Hitler
shoulda been killed when he was littler,
but maybe he’d not have been reigning
if someone had bought one of his paintings

Edgar Allan Poe
always wrote in the Flow
his secret was a life of melancholy
you don’t write “The Raven” while jolly

President Woodrow Wilson
might’ve lost votes in the millions
think how one would do
with first term Spanish Flu