Mantis Kung Fu [Common Meter]

A mantis landed on the rail,
and it put up its dukes
as one might expect of madmen
or drunken Irish kooks.

Why would one seek out a fair fight
with someone much bigger,
I shook my head and started to
engage in a snigger.

But then it did occur to me
that he couldn't stand elsewise.
So, I tried to gauge his intent,
and looked him in the eyes...

and he stomped me in my nether bits -
much to my surprise.

1 thought on “Mantis Kung Fu [Common Meter]

  1. I had the good fortune to interact with a praying mantis once. It was in the foyer of a house where we were renting a room. I was able to garner enough of its trust to help it get back outside. At the time, it seemed like a sign of good fortune heading our way, but I think the luckiest thing that happened to us was that we survived living in that tiny excuse for an apartment. I’ve been in closets that were bigger.

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