POEM: Awkward Bird Conversation

AgraFort17Three little birdies sat on a rail.

Two little birdies spoke of no avail.

“Sam, you’re just not one of us.”

“I’m not a bird, like you or Gus?”

“No. Some birds just don’t go together.”

“You mean the ones without any feathers.”

“No. Some birds are just kind of unique.”

“Yeah, I once saw one without any beak.

“Some birds are from very different type eggs.”

“We all have two legs, so what’s wrong–I begs.”

“It’s not that there’s anything wrong, per se–

It’s just that–well–we’re green, and you’re grey.”

“So you won’t sit on a rail, preen, or be seen

with any bird, unless its color is green?”

“Well, it just sounds silly when you put it that way.”

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