Love Locks [Free Verse]

Wandering through a new city,
 I come upon a bridge:
  its rails loaded with locks.
   They call them "love locks."

It gets me wondering how many locks
 long outlived the love they memorialized?

How many were lust locks --
 linked to the bridge before 
  the couple really knew each other's
   vexing peccadillos?

How many were like ill-advised back tattoos,
 a lover's name - someone one met in Vegas - 
    and whose name one wouldn't
       otherwise remember, 
     were it not inked across one's spine
        in a 120-point flame-festooned font?

DAILY PHOTO: Pécsi Love Locks

Taken in December 2014 in Pécs.

Taken in December 2014 in Pécs.



Love locks are padlocks that people hang in a public space as a sign of affection–often with a message written on them. Some are fancy; others are not. It reminds me of the Shinto prayer boards one sees in Japan. Love locks are a pretty common phenomena, particularly in Europe. The first ones I remember seeing were in Helsinki, but this wall is in Pécs, Hungary.