DAILY PHOTO: Hanumans Around India

Darjeeling’s Shrubbery Nightingale Park, December of 2021
Shimla; June 2015
Mangalore; July 2021
Kurseong; December 2021

DAILY PHOTO: Gorkha Monuments

Taken in December of 2021 at the Batasia Loop Garden War Memorial
Taken in December of 2021 at the Eagle’s Crag, Kurseong

DAILY PHOTO: [Allegedly Haunted] School for Boys

Taken in Kurseong in December of 2021
Headmaster’s House – Victoria Boys’ School

DAILY PHOTO: Dow Hill Church

Taken in December of 2021 in Kurseong

Among those who believe in such things, the Dow Hill forest is considered haunted — including this old church and the nearby Victoria School for Boys. We caught it in a peaceful moment.