DAILY PHOTO: Hanumans Around India

Darjeeling’s Shrubbery Nightingale Park, December of 2021
Shimla; June 2015
Mangalore; July 2021
Kurseong; December 2021

DAILY PHOTO: Scenes from the Shimla – Kalka Train

Taken in June of 2015 on the Shimla – Kalka Toy Train

station editorial comments

passing engine

open air

postal elephant

a curious passenger

reminded me of the aqueducts

DAILY PHOTO: Inside the India Coffee House of Shimla

Taken in July of 2015 in Shimla

Taken in July of 2015 in Shimla


I love India Coffee House(s.) They’re inexpensive, they’re retro, and they’re consistent. With the uniforms and the decor, it’s often like stepping into the 1950’s–and the prices seem that way a little bit too.