Rivers Merge [Free Verse]

Rivers merge.

Trees may fork,
but rivers merge.

True, sometimes rivers split
to form an island,
and when they near the sea
they may branch out 
like the roots of a tree.

How the river knows 
it's near the sea
is unclear to me,
but it is the river's nature.

As is the tendency 
of rivers to merge
toward unity of flow.

But what is my nature? 

The Raging River of Human Nature [Free Verse]

Human nature is a raging river
which a few shitty sandbags of common sense
will not detour. 

Some people stand on the bank
and shout at the river.
I will admit, I've done the same.

But those words neither soak in
nor bounce off that raging river --
they're made silent,
dying in air. 

Some people try to steer
the river by splashing at the lapping waters
near its edge,

But none of them is Moses,
not one can dam a river by force of will.

And - even if one could --
eventually, that person would have to let go,
leaving a backed up and angry river
to rage onward.