DAILY PHOTO: University of Debrecen

Taken in the summer of 2002

Taken in the summer of 2002

At which I attempted to learn the Hungarian language but was stymied by an excess of letters  per word and an occasional disconcerting lack of vowels.  (This is the main hall and wasn’t the building  in which I was taught. Our classes (the language summer school) were taught downtown in a teacher’s college building.)

DAILY PHOTO: Downtown Debrecen

Aranybika Hotel

The Aranybika (Golden Bull) Hotel is one of the most prominent landmarks of Debrecen, Hungary. The Golden Bull is alternatively an important edict of 1222 or a soccer team. The hotel was built in 1915 in the secessionist style.

Debrecen is the second largest Hungarian city at 200,000+ residents. In 2002, I attended an intensive language course affiliated with the University of Debrecen. The building in which I was taught was  near this square, across and down the street.

If you are interested in learning Hungarian, I’d highly recommend the school I attended, the Debreceni Nyári Egyetemen.