5 Reasons to Practice Yang Style 24 Form

With slight variations, this taijiquan (tai chi chuan) sequence is alternatively called: Yang Style 24 Form, the Yang Style Short Form, Beijing Standard Form (occasionally Peking Standard Form), or Simplified 24 Form. Here are some reasons to give it a try.


5.) Widespread: It’s the single most popular taiji form in the world. This means, if you’re the gregarious type, you can join groups in parks all over the world.

4.) Balance: It’s good for your balance and you don’t want to fall and break a hip.

3.) Moving Meditation: It’s a great way for fidgety individuals to work up to meditation. All the meditation without having to stay perfectly still.

2.) Scalability: It’s scalable to fitness level. Because taiji is popular with older people, many modifications have been developed for those who aren’t ready for the classical expression of the form.

1.) Gentleness: There’s virtually nothing to go wrong — as long as you “know thyself.” i.e. There are no contraindications, at least for the simplified form.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Practice Yang Style 24 Form

  1. I’ve been feeling very attracted to Tai Chi for a while, but I don’t know if it’s ok to learn by myself or with a video. It’s so nice how you explain this, as I understand better now. Due to its name, Yang Style, I’m concerned about it perhaps not being good to start while I’m pregnant (I think that pregnancy might be very Yin)? Even though right now I feel that such a moving meditation and connecting with the chi could be beneficial.

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    • No worries on the “Yang” as in this case it’s a family name. Yang Luchan developed the style after training in the Chen family style. All taiji forms emphasize an inherent balance of yin & yang. It’s best to have a teacher, but not so much of concern for being injured as there are a lot of details to track that can be hard for one to be aware of all at once. A teacher helps prioritize and make sure one doesn’t ingrain big errors. An alternative would be to start with basic qigong which gives a similar feel without the long and complicated sequences.

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