Iron String [Free Verse]

Emerson said,
"Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string."

REM said,
"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

Will Kenneth's waves propagate down the line?

If so, would they add to,
or cancel out, 
the waves of others?

That depends on the frequency, Kenneth!

I guess that's why Michael Stipe
took such an impassioned interest 
in the question.

Is it even a good thing if one's waves
add to those of another?

Might it not become disharmonious,
like a runaway washing machine,
shaking violently,
parts flying through the air
in smooth ballistic arcs
only to bounce and clatter 
in dull discordance.

Does one's iron string
even need to come into contact
with Kenneth's? 

Might not the wave energy 
passing through the air
stir up a resonance in one's bones?

Questions, such as these, haunt me --
not to mention:

Who, exactly, is Kenneth?

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