DAILY PHOTO: Resting Panda Face

Taken in February of 2012 at Zoo Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: Resting Panda Face

  1. I don’t see an assertion of copyright on any of your photos. I’ve opened a folder called “b gourley photos” on my local drive to save them… can I use a few as illustrations for posts on my blog? Like this panda for one.


    • I haven’t put anything as I assumed that photos work the same as writing, which is to say the presumption is that the producer retains ownership unless otherwise stated. (Probably something I should have looked into. Though I do know the few times someone has wanted to publish one I’ve signed a release in exchange for being credited.)

      The long and the short of it is: If I am credited, using the name Bernie Gourley, I don’t mind a photo being used. However, I wouldn’t want them used publicly [including websites/blogs] without credit. (It’s not just the vanity, I think agreeing to them being published without credit would be where I lost all IP rights.)

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