DAILY PHOTO: Sunflower Field in Rural Hungary

Taken between Szentendre and Visegrad

Taken on the road between Szentendre and Visegrad

7 thoughts on “DAILY PHOTO: Sunflower Field in Rural Hungary

  1. Sunflowers are the bomb of the flower world. They’re not as delicate, or as ornate, or as rare as so many flowers…but how can anyone look at a field of sunflowers and not feel a bit better about their day? The picture on the cover of “Fates Worse Than Death” by Kurt Vonnegut is a gem…him, in his slouch of weltschmerz, and his wife, Jill Krements placing him in a field of sunflowers…what a juxtapostion ! I would have bought the book if it had a blank cover. I reviewed it so I could put a pic of sunflowers on my blog, I think…since there’s so many of his books I could have chosen from. This is getting long –


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