Life by Lists

I remember when I could remember,
but these days I invariably forget.
My life isn’t even in its September
but by absent-mindedness I’m beset.

My keys? My keys? Where are they please?
I’ve searched from ceiling to floor.
My keys? My keys? Where are they please?
No, I’m certain I didn’t ask that before.

Once I juggled a hundred tasks right within my mind.
Now I need write a list if they number more than two.
Buy stock in the makers of legal pads, if you’re so inclined
What were we talking about? There’s something I need to do…

Daily list

Daily list

6 thoughts on “Life by Lists

  1. I forgot what I was going to say to you…something about your llama picture. Oh, yes, your keys are in the bowl by the door and crop out that man below the llamas and you’d have a perfect picture that Nat Geo would buy.


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