POEM: Kathmandu [PoMo Day 19 – Acrostic]

Keeper of arcane secrets
A land of great escapes
Temple-hopping hotspot
Hash-haggling hippie hive
Mystical mo-mo madness
Ancient trade bazar
Never knew Empire
Durbar Square 's the downtown
Underwater, back before its day

POEM: Bangalore [Day 5 NaPoMo; Acrostic]

Bridge between high-tech and no tech

Also, city of garrisons, gardens, and grandparents

Native of none and yet Namma Bengaluru

Growing bamboo-like with dense patches of people

Artistically eclectic: Kuchipudi dancers to cringe comedians

Lal Bagh calls to keep the title “city of gardens”

Obliging in ways rarely seen above ten million

Rust red and old stone buildings; the city’s grey hair

Everything is possible here