We Are Makers [Free Verse]

Are we Makers?
     Yes. We are!

And damn good ones at that.

We can turn a planet
      into plastic trinkets.

We can use every last morsel
      to make stuff:
           bright & shiny
            loud & colorful. 

We can even make ideas:
       good or bad,
       true or false,
 but always 100% believable.

We're the ones who invented Evil.

Yes, that whole toxic notion 
       is brought to you by us.

And Left-Wing & Right-Wing...

It used to be just a bunch of people
       trying their best to understand
       and to get by. 

But we built mental / conceptual corrals,
        corrals good enough that we 
        could no longer recognize each other 
        as part of the same species. 

We are Makers. 

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