Frozen Silence [Free Verse]

frozen silence.

but for the rustle of breeze
 against dry grass.

snow will come,
 and a crust of snow 
  will settle in crystalline 
   interlock with the brown stalks.

the snow will absorb sound,
 muffling reality,
  until nothing remains but
    frozen silence.

8 thoughts on “Frozen Silence [Free Verse]

  1. I really like this poem. I like the placing of the photo at the top, as a meditative exercise, it kind of sets the stage for your poem, which makes the choice of photo great here, when I go to the ocean on the northeast, one of the first things I see when walking down to the water is very similar to the picture you posted, which takes me instantly right with you in your poem.

    For this very reason, I think it is an excellent choice to start it with “frozen silence” because it felt like I was walking with you and you were telling me to pay attention and stand quietly while you reveal things to me, like you are showing me a cool place seen through your eyes.

    I like how the silence is cut by sound, and you describe with such beautiful simplicity the against dry grass. I felt like I could hear it too.

    I like how you take it back to imagery from sound describing “a crust of snow” this also still making it about sound as well, and I could hear the walking on snow on the sand.

    ” will settle in crystalline
    interlock with the brown stalks.”

    This takes it back instantly to the imagery, and away from the world of sound and reminds me of the beginning of the work, where you speak of frozen silence. I like how you talk about ” muffling reality”, because that is what this poem did for me as a meditative exercise, which I thank you for.
    You quieted the concerns in my mind for the time being and left me frozen in silence.

    This is one of the best things I have read all morning, thank you so much for posting it.

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  2. Sometimes when I read other people’s much more profound comments than me, I feel like a weirdo. I was coming on here to tell you that you are killing it today. The ocean poem, this poem, and the weird seed spitting statue have all been good today. I am not profound, just regular. 🙂

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