Bad Anthropologist [Free Verse]

Today, I read about an anthropologist
who was living among an isolated tribe, 
[as anthropologists tend to do]
a tribe who believed that twins
weren't really people,
and that twin babies 
should be left to die 
of neglect. 

This anthropologist, 
like all good anthropologists,
was trained to respect 
indigenous beliefs and 
to not go mucking around
and breaking the "Prime Directive"
[well, that term is from Star Trek,
but good anthropologists have similar
directives -- or, at least, proclivities --
i.e. to be objective,
and - to the degree one can't be -
to recognize one's biases and try to 
note the role they might play.] 

This anthropologist was doing a
grand job of being an anthropologist,
until a woman in the tribe had twins...

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