98.6 [Free Verse]

The secret is...

we're energy machines.

This wild ride we're on is all about
staying 98.6.

The meaning of life
might as well be 98.6.

You work to make rent 
to be sheltered at 98.6.

You go to the store for groceries
to stoke the fires of 98.6.

You put on your coat or slippers
to keep yourself at 98.6.

You go to the beach
to warm to 98.6
then sweat to drop
back to 98.6.

You take medicines when you're too
far off the mark of 98.6.

You turn on the AC 
to sleep at 98.6
kick off the covers
drag the covers back
adjust the AC...
all to sleep at 98.6.

You may wish to be a flash fire
of a million degrees,
but life leaves you at 98.6.

Some day you'll cool off
and your career as
Thermoregulatory Maintenance
will be at an end
you'll be done with
the trouble of staying 98.6.

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