Three Thoughts on Shadow

Where is my shadow?
I look behind me
see that it's 
ill-formed & indistinct.
And I wonder whether
the quality of the light, 
the quality of the me.

I read that Oraon shamans
study people's
Fat-shadowed people 
are said to be 
[but not necessarily 

I heard tell of
a master of shadows.
It might not seem like 
much of an object
of mastery --
shadows being intangible,
but he always knew which way 
he was going
and where the world sat 
at the moment.
[And that's more
than can be said
of the rest of us.]
It was a simple skill
that most could not
be bothered to practice.
Everyone else's inability 
to find value in those 
dark angular patches
was his gain.

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