POEM: Enough is Enough

The question asked:

"Am I enough?"

Which begs the questions:
-enough for whom?
-enough for what?

What would it mean
to not be enough?

The Economist in me
says no one ever
acknowledges when 
enough is enough.

[That's what we are
taught as baby Economists:
that the fundamental 
condition of human existence
is that people's 
wants are endless,
but resources are limited.]

In yoga, we have
Santosha & Tapas
[contentment & discipline,]
which seemed at odds 
to me for a long time --
until I considered 
that being happy 
with who one is 
is only in conflict 
with efforts to be
a better version
of oneself
if one makes some
pretty f***ed up

I've been told,
on occasion,
that I'm "too much."

I don't know whether
this is better, worse,
or morally equivalent to 
being not enough.

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