2 thoughts on “Belize City Limerick

    • Oh, there certainly are. And, to be fair, it’s been a decade or more since I was there, and it may have changed. But when we went to Belize the overwhelming advice from guidebooks and such was “get out as soon as possible.” [i.e. because it’s the only place you can fly into.] We said, “It’s got to be worth staying one night to look around.” And so we did, and — while it wasn’t the worst place I’ve ever been — the advice was right, there was nothing there that compared to the beauty of the rest of the country. It’s a little like Nairobi (gorgeous country / crappy capital,) but Nairobi is substantial enough to have many redeeming features. [Though, now that I think of it, Belmopan is the capital of Belize, which is itself telling as it’s less than one-third of Belize City’s population.]

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