POEM: Baudrillard’s World

What’s it take to turn a symbol into something which is something [rather than symbolic of something?]

Treasuries turn high-rag paper and indelible ink into slips for which people will give one a shirt or a bicycle.

-Paper and pot metal as symbol of value

Admen turn color and font into a dollar more per kilo of a chemically-identical product. [The dollar can be used for someone’s ill-advised gas station hot dog.]

-Brand as symbol of value

Countries are defended by the potential to use weapons — not by their actual use.

-WMD as symbol of defense

Social media presents a lot of talking and the illusion of listening.

-Screaming into a dark forest as symbol of communication

Stories and verse get turned into potent chemical reactions in the body.

-Vicarious living as symbol of living

The letters of this post are symbolic of philosophy, which — in turn — is symbolic of something meaningful, which — in turn –… which — in turn –… which — in turn–…

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