A Few Senryu [Day 13 NaPoMo: Senryu]

[Senryu is a Japanese style of poetry that’s identical to haiku in form, but different in content. While haiku rely on images (usually natural and often seasonal) and the juxtaposition of such images — devoid of analysis, commentary, or judgement — Senryu poetry explores human nature. In other words, while humans appear rarely in traditional haiku (and, when they do, it’s as a part of nature;) Senryu are always about humans and they do present commentary — often intended to be humorous.]

two dodge bird poop
the missed credits himself,
the struck curses birds

when floors must be swept,
some needn’t be told, some must,
and some told they can’t

having virtual parties,
while I read

Blake said,
“The cut worm forgives the plow.”
What of the plowman?

boredom exempt:
creatures who use their teeth, feet,
or their brains

the hungry snake
doesn’t begrudge the winning

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